DNAlysis Nutrigenomic and Functional Testing.

An individualised¬† approach to health utilising the information obtained from analyzing our unique genetic code allows for a tailored approach to dietary and lifestyle interventions as well as personalised treatment plans. By analysing the functioning of a patient’s genes, health-optimisation and disease-prevention strategies can be implemented in a target-specific format. For further information on the nutrigenomic and functional testing offered, kindly contact Dr Norton’s practice via email.

  • DNA Health- assesses multiple genes related to inflammatory pathways, detoxification, lipid and glucose metabolism and oxidative stress response.
  • DNA Diet- assesses mutiple genes related to genetic obesity risk, carbohydrate and lipid-sensitivity, exercise response and eating behaviour.
  • DNA Sport- assesses multiple genes related to optimal sport performance, injury-risk, exercise-recovery and peak performance time.
  • DNA Oestrogen- assesses multiple genes related to oestrogen metabolism and personal genetic risk factors associated with HRT, OCP and IVF use.
  • DNA Mind- assesses multiple genes related to neuroplasticity and neurodegenerative disorders as well as habit-response and mood.
  • DNA Skin- assesses multiple genes related to collagen formation, sun sensitivity and pigmentation-risk as well as oxidative stress response.
  • Medcheck Test: assesses the safety and efficacy of a variety of commonly prescribed pharmaceutical medications based on the patient’s unique genetics.


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