Nutritional Programme Based on Blood Type

Following a nutritional programme designed utilising Dr Peter D’ Adamo’s ground-breaking research on blood-types and nutrition, each patient is provided a plan detailing optimal nutrition and lifestyle recommendations based according to blood-type. This allows the individual to hone in on the health and nutritional information that corresponds to their unique biological profile which not only promotes health but assists in the attainment and maintenance of an ideal body weight. Utilising this approach Dr Norton aims to empower her patients to make informed choices about diet, exercise regime, stress management and overall health that are based on what works best with the dynamic and unique genetic variation within the body.

Health and Personal Development Coaching

So, you’ve been given the tools to improve your health but don’t quite know where to go from there? The implementation of dietary and lifestyle changes can be a work-in-progress and sometimes a little help along the way is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Dr Norton’s accreditations and experience in the field of health, wellness and personal development ensures that patients wishing to have a more guided approach to their health-improvement strategies can do so through the implementation of coaching sessions with Dr Norton to address any potential blocks and assist them in their journey to improved health and vitality.

Coaching sessions can be arranged at the practice or via secure virtual consultations to accommodate any schedule.